Our Vision

A place to learn and grow in our community

Inspirational teachers - supporting and developing children to be confident and competent life long learners.

Our Philosophy


Tree Bears Nursery and Preschool Philosophy:

We believe in creating meaningful relationships with whānau in our learning community, with a family focused environment. Kaiako enhance their relationships with children by using a primary carer system this supports children’s wellbeing and belonging. We respect and acknowledge parents as first teachers. We encourage families to participate in all aspects of our program.

The wider world of family and community is an integral part of early childhood curriculum - Te Whāriki, 2017.


Relationships are the most important part of our practice. We are committed to consciously growing respectful relationships with children and whānau. When children are, valued and feel a sense of trust they are able to engage in purposeful play which results in quality learning.

Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships, with people places and things - Te Whāriki 2017


We strive to achieve the best learning outcomes for children by creating a holistic, natural and nurturing environment, which will encourage emotionally satisfied curious learners.

The environment encourages critical thought, wondering and creativity - Education Review Office, He Pou Tātaki, 2013.


We use Essential Life Skills as a framework to support and guide our practice. This gives us a clear focus and vision for what we believe are the most important skills, knowledge and understanding that children need to grow and develop holistically.

Curriculum and pedagogy recognise that family and community are integral to learning and development, with every child situated within a set of nested context that includes not only the ece setting but also the home, whanau, community and beyond - Te Whāriki, 2017.


We recognise the significance of our bicultural heritage by incorporating Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori throughout our practice. At Tree Bears we value tuakana teina, learning and sharing knowledge together. We celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our learning community by working in unity and friendship.

Achieving equitable outcomes for Māori and ensuring Te Reo Māori not only survives but thrives - Te Whāriki 2017.


Kaiako develop and support, children to become independent learners, who see the world as a place full of possibilities and creativity.

Kaiako have an important role in encouraging and supporting all children to participate in and contribute to a wide range of enriching experiences – Te Whāriki 2017


Kaiako support transitions which are based on each child’s individual needs. Kaiako collaborate with parents and whānau, to support children’s learning continuity. This supports children as they transition not only within the centre environment but also to school. There are close parallels between The Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki and The New Zealand Curriculum. Both documents share similar approaches to valued learning. A strong relationship between the centre and school is nurtured by Kaiako. Transitions into and across settings are thoughtfully planned and recognise what children bring with them; they need to know that their ECE setting is part of their wider world and inclusive of their parents and whānau. - Te Whāriki 2017